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Marcus Draw More Apes

The 1-of-1 NFT collection with accurate & extensive traits

The Collection

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Surprised Ape Astronaut

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Mandrill Policeman

Slider Image

Monkey Ninja

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Female Ape Pirate

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Angry Skeleton Ape

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Happy Monkey Firefighter

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Yellow-Green Ape Chef

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Demon Ape Astronaut

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Monkey Clown

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Disgusted Cyborg Ape

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Ape Rockstar

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Blue Ape Witch

Marcus Draws

Photo of Marcus

I'm Marcus. I hate cookie-cutter NFT collections.

cookie cutter icon

I'm talking template & swapped around accessories;

cookie cutter example

Heavily derivative. Uninspired.

I've immolated my hands in order to break the mold.

immolation icon
good example
traits on point

Every ape I draw is unique & traits are on point.

I will draw more.

Holder Benefits

Lunchroom Key

Access our exclusive space for MDMA holders. Experience the first Web3-native chat client. Beta coming December ‘22.

Future VIP

Receive airdrops from our upcoming collections. Next drop scheduled for Q1 ‘23.

Dad Responds

Will you reveal the full identity of Marcus?

No. Marcus is still a young boy who attends primary school. It would be irresponsible as his parents to make him famous.

Is the acronym MDMA a reference to the drug?

Marcus' parents do not condone recreational drug use, but do enjoy a glass or two of wine once it's five o'clock somewhere.

Are there plans for this project beyond the art?

Yes, we plan to create an ecosystem of art & technology that benefits holders.

Where is your Discord?

We don't like Discord. Join the community by obtaining a lunchroom key via MDMA ownership.

What is the best way to contact Marcus?

You can reach us at

How did Marcus draw the art?

With paper and coloring pencils. We scanned the images with the help of a professional document scanning company.

Why apes?

Apes are Marcus' favorite animal. He also wants to prove a point by using the popular (NFT) ape in a unique way.


Ollie the wizard takes care that the collection does not distort.

Ollie the Wizard Ape (SHA3-256)